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Mafia 360 Online Virtual

Escape Room

Bootleggers, La Cosa Nostra, federal agents and high-rank DC politicians, mixed in a strong cocktail of fun and intellectual challenge. 


Great activity for Remote Team Building Event

 or online Birthday Celebration

via Zoom or Google Meet

The Mafia 360 is a real-time virtual adventure for teams of 2 -500.

The Mafia is a challenging game, so we recommend it to teams who completed The Alchemist Game already.


Great way to bond with your team and have fun. A remote experience where teams use video conferencing and interactive online virtual reality game to compete with each other in a race to solve the mystery of the oldest speakeasy bar.


Game Features

360 virtual reality  room view
the most accurate representation of the real escape room


 Shared in real-time prop inventory and puzzles that require teamwork and collaboration

Each player can independently explore the room, move objects and access the inventory of the props shared between all team members. 


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