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Christmas MetaverseTrivia
by Vastly

Engage, Entertain, and Educate Your Team
in the

Welcome to Metaverse Trivia, a unique and engaging team-building experience brought to you by RemoteTeamBuilding and our new 3D platform Vastly. Test your knowledge, compete with your team, and have fun in our immersive metaverse environment. 


How It Works

Step 1: Choose Your Trivia Theme

Choose from a variety of popular topics, or request custom questions to match your company.

Step 2: Enter the Metaverse

We prepare the space with your company branding and send you the link to enter the virtual space. Now download is required - metaverse trivia is accessible from any laptop or tablet using a modern web browser.

All participants join the trivia event in our immersive metaverse platform by simply clicking on the link, selecting avatar and entering a player name. Experience the event as an animated 3D avatar and interact with your team in real-time using integrated video call functionality.

Step 3: Play and Learn

Answer the trivia questions, compete with your team, and learn something new. Our trivia events are not just fun, they're also educational.

Step 4: Celebrate

At the end of the event we automatically create team photos and share the leaderboard page.

Celebrate the winners and share the highlights of the event. Our Metaverse Trivia is not just about winning, it's about having fun and bonding as a team.


Why Choose Metaverse Trivia


Our Metaverse Trivia is designed to be engaging and interactive. It's not just about answering questions, it's about experiencing the trivia in a whole new way.


Learn something new with every trivia event. Our questions are designed to be informative and exciting.


Compete with your team and strengthen your bonds. Our Metaverse Trivia is a great team-building activity.


Customize the trivia to match your company or choose from a variety of popular topics. We can tailor the trivia to meet your needs. We use your company logos and branding to make the space your own.


Plan your perfect remote event

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