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  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We offer full refund minus processing fee (3% fee) if you cancel or reduce the number of guests 3 weeks before the scheduled date. You can reschedule your event or get a credit for future events up to a week before the scheduled date. If you wish to add a few extra players we can do it up to the day of the event. We cannot offer full or partial refund if the event was previously rescheduled, or if it's less than 3 weeks before the event.
  • I don't know exact number of participants. What should I do?
    We can offer flat rate prices that work great if you don't know the exact number of participants. Please, contact us for a quote. If you plan to get RSVP's, we can add a few extra guests to your reservation, up to the day of the event
  • Do we need to pre-assign teams?
    We can randomly assign the participants at the event, or assign them according to your list. Please, send us the list the day before and we'll plan accordingly.
  • When the payment is due?
    The payment is due at the time of the reservation.
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